System Requirements


In order to run The Almond Doubler for UNIX, you must be using one of the operating systems listed on the carton containing the software or on the CD-ROM installation guide.

Please contact AlmondSeed Software Inc. for up-to-date information on availability of The Almond Doubler for UNIX for specific operating system versions.

The Almond Doubler provides compression for UFS-type file systems (standard UNIX file systems). If your system contains special, non-UFS file systems (such as proprietary file systems used by certain application programs or certain third-party commercial file systems), they will not be compressed.


The Almond Doubler for UNIX does not require any special hardware beyond that required to run one of the supported operating system versions. A CD-ROM drive is required to install the software off of the default distribution media. If a CD-ROM drive is not available on your system, please contact AlmondSeed Software technical support to discuss alternate arrangements.

Disk Space

The Almond Doubler for UNIX takes up approximately 6000 (512-byte) blocks of disk space, or about 3 Megabytes after installation. In addition, a Doubler Database of compressed files is built in the Doubler home directory. This database is typically 1 - 3 Megabytes in size and may grow over time as files are compressed and decompressed. The Database file size may be shrunk by periodically stopping and restarting The Almond Doubler for UNIX.