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Imagine that you've just lost a file-- not just any file, but a really important file. Some parts of it are simply irreplaceable; you couldn't reconstruct that file from scratch if your life depended on it and you need it back now.

You start thinking about resigning your position or filing for bankruptcy, then you remember that you installed The Almond Utilities for UNIX on your system several months ago; just the tool you need for a circumstance like this! Your life stops flashing in front of your eyes and a few keystrokes later, your file is recovered and your pulse rate begins to return to normal...

The Almond Utilities For UNIX version 1.5 provides the utilities you need to manage the data files on your hard disk. Enjoy increased data security, productivity and peace of mind by owning the essential solution for data recovery and protection. The Almond Utilities are derived from the legendary Norton Utilities and are now available to the UNIX operating system user.

Recover Valuable Data and Prevent Data Loss

* Almond UnRemoveŠ recovers files or directories inadvertently removed or deleted after The Almond Utilities for UNIX have been installed on your system.

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* Almond Disk Explorer lets you explore any area of a disk. You can view and edit disk data structures, search for specific information, or diagnose and repair file system problems.

* Almond Disk Info gives a summary description of a specified disk and the file system on it.

* The Almond Utilities Purge reclaims space being held by erased files.

Make Sure That Data You Want to Erase Stays Erased

* ScrubDisk protects confidential data by scrubbing an entire logical disk to US Department of Defense standards.

* ScrubFile makes the contents of a file permanently unrecoverable.

Enhance Your Productivity and Increase the Ease of Use of Your Unix System

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* Almond Change Directory displays a full-screen graphical image of the directory tree. You can change directories using the display. From the command line, you can change to a directory without specifying the entire path name.

* Almond File Date/Time displays and sets the date/time on one or more files. You can change the modification date/time, the access date/time, or both.

* Almond File Find locates files whose names match a specified pattern, or lists files in a specified directory.

* Almond File Info attaches descriptive comments to file and directory names and displays attached comments in a directory listing.

* Almond File Size displays the size of requested files, the amount of total storage capacity, and the remaining free space in a file system.

* Almond List Directories lists all directories and subdirectories in either graphical or text format.

* Almond Text Search searches for text in one or more files.

Additional Features

* Almond Integrator provides an integrated menu-driven interface for The Almond Utilities or other sets of programs.

* Almond Shell Enhancer provides tools for creating shell scripts that generate pleasing interactive user interfaces with sound, graphics, and control functions.

* Almond Time Mark records and reports elapsed time using independent timers.

System Requirements

* SCO UNIX Operating System, version or higher or ODT 2.0 or higher for Intel x86 cpu or

* SunOS 4.1.3U1 Operating System for SPARC cpu or

* Solaris 2.4 Operating System for SPARC

* Hard disk with at least 6 MB free space

* 3.5" 1.44 Megabyte diskette drive (SCO) or CD-ROM drive (SPARC)

Support For

* Console Display Device

* Remote Terminals using TERMINFO

* Color or Monochrome Displays

* Multiple Users on a single CPU

List Price US$495.00
Quantity, VAR and Distributor discounts are available.

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