AlmondSeed Software Announces The Almond Doubler for UNIX

-- First Transparent File Compression Utility for UNIX to Use STAC LZS Algorithm and Not Require a Device Driver --

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, September 1, 1997 -- AlmondSeed Software, Inc. announced today the availability of The Almond Doubler for UNIX, a Transparent File Compression Utility for UNIX servers and workstations that effectively doubles their disk storage capacity. AlmondSeed announced the immediate availability of The Almond Doubler for Sun SPARC and compatible hardware running the Solaris 2.x operating system.

While DOS, Windows and Macintosh users have long had software solutions available that transparently compressed data files to expand available hard disk storage space, this capability has until now been available to only those few UNIX users willing to install proprietary device drivers or non-standard file systems.

With the release of The Almond Doubler for UNIX, UNIX system users gain the ability to manually or automatically compress data files using the proven and reliable STAC LZS algorithm, and then automatically expand files on the fly, when needed. Compressed files look like ordinary UNIX files to all application programs, users and/or other utilities. In addition to its automatic compression features, The Almond Doubler for UNIX also creates compressed archive files that may be provided to other UNIX users with a freely distributed Self Expanding Utility.

The Almond Doubler uses standard UNIX file system technology and does not modify the operating system kernel, file systems or hardware in any way. It supports any disk drives and controllers currently in use and does not add any device drivers to the system. Installation is so simple that it does not even require rebooting the system. Other key features of The Almond Doubler include:

* Use of the efficient and reliable STAC LZS compression algorithm, field proven on tens of millions of personal computer systems;

* Complete control over when, where, and why files and directories will or will not be compressed;

* Truly automatic, transparent "on-the-fly" data expansion when compressed files are accessed by any other user or program, without any user action or intervention required;

* Average compression ratio of 2:1 or more, effectively doubling available storage space (more efficient compression than offered by compress or ZIP algorithms);

* Flexible support for Backup programs that either allow files to remain in a compressed state or to be authomatically expanded before being backed up.

Dave Mandelkern, president and chief executive officer of AlmondSeed Software, Inc., said, "Even though the price of disk drives continues to drop, the demand for increased storage space on UNIX laptops, desktops and servers continues to soar. The Almond Doubler provides the first practical solution for doubling the size of any disk drive without requiring any additional investment in hardware or installation. It is part of our continuing effort to provide UNIX users with features and ease-of-use comparable to what is found in the PC environment."

Availability and Pricing

The Almond Doubler for UNIX is available now for Sun SPARC-based and compatible hardware running the Solaris 2.4 or 2.5 operating system. A single system license sells for $495. VAR and distributor discounts are available.

A free trial version is available for download from the company's web site,

About AlmondSeed Software Inc.

AlmondSeed Software, Inc. is setting the industry standard for easy-to-use, off- the-shelf UNIX software products in the sub-$500 price range. Its flagship product, The Almond Utilities for UNIX, is the UNIX port of many of the popular Norton Utilities. AlmondSeed products are designed to boost the productivity of UNIX users and increase the value of the UNIX operating system to the enterprise. The privately-held company can be reached at 444 Castro Street, Suite 440, Mountain View, CA 94041. Tel: +1 650-968-5100, Fax: +1 650-969- 8670,

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