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Invest in a World Wide Web presence on the Internet-- it's not just a novelty, it's a necessity. Going on-line positions your organization as one with a vision of the future, one that enthusiastically embraces the hottest technology of the '90's. Having your own Web site makes you more open and accessible to a rapidly growing segment of the population that can be difficult to target through more conventional means. Being on-line is an interactive experience, one that builds a much closer bond between you and your client than is possible with more traditional media.

Web sites are also valuable tools within an organization. Product development teams can easily share up-to-the-minute information; employee benefits and procedures can be explained on-line; and interactive training courses can be conducted. An "Intranet" Web application within your own organization can be a valuable information sharing and communications tool.

At AlmondSeed, we know that building a World Wide Web presence for your organization is more than just producing an electronic version of a brochure; it is the convergence of art, science and technology into an entirely new media experience. With AlmondSeed's unique turn-key Value-Added Web service, you will gain the following advantages:

To see samples of our work, use your favorite browser to visit the Web site of Dave Mandelkern, a candidate for the State Assembly from the 19th District of California. This is an example of a site we built for a political candidate to increase voter awareness and interaction. Another site we recently constructed is for Oak Investment Partners, a venture capital firm that wanted an on-line presence to attract interest from entrepreneurs looking for capital and interest from potential employees for their portfolio companies, as well as to boost their image awareness.

If you would like more information, you can send us email at wins@almondseed.com

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