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Here are the latest technical support updates and announcements from AlmondSeed Software.

Current Versions of The Almond Doubler for UNIX

Platform                           Version               Operating System Version(s) Supported

SOLARIS (SPARC)                     1.0                  Solaris 2.5

Current Versions of The Almond Utilities for UNIX

Platform                           Version               Operating System Version(s) Supported

SCO                                 1.5b                  SCO UNIX 3.2v4.0 or 4.2; ODT 3.0

SunOS                               1.5b                  SunOS 4.1.3_U1

SOLARIS (SPARC)                     1.5b                  Solaris 2.4

The UnRemove utility requires the specific operating system version(s) stated above to work properly. Most of the other utilities will work on other recent operating system versions, such as SCO OpenServer 5, SunOS 4.1.4, or Solaris 2.3.

Common Installation Problems, The Almond Utilities for UNIX

bullet ALL: If you see a message that says "Invalid License File, Contact Technical Support" first check to make sure that your ALMONDLIB environment variable is set to the correct directory where you installed The Almond Utilities, e.g. /usr/almond. On some SCO UNIX systems, if you are installing directly under the root directory, the installation program puts an extra / in the directory path which must be edited out by hand (e.g. change //almond to /almond).

Known Bugs, The Almond Utilities for UNIX

bullet SCO: The Almond Disk Explorer utility does not support SCSI-II drive controllers. This will be fixed in a future release.

bullet SCO: On certain systems with monochrome VGA adapters and less than 64K of Video RAM, the menus for the full screen utilities will not appear on the console (only a blinking cursor is shown in the lower left corner of the screen). This appears to be due to a bug in the SCO curses graphics library. The work-around is to upgrade the video memory to 256K or more, or upgrade to a color VGA adapter.

bullet SOLARIS: On some systems, the UnRemove full screen utility does not accept user defined rules for file retention. A binary patch is available from AlmondSeed Software that corrects this problem.

bullet If you have a technical support question, you can send us e-mail or see the contact information page for technical support by telephone, fax or mail.

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